Whatcom County Poker Tour

Feb 29, 2020

Fremont Mystic Hobbes dogs playing pokerBack at the Clark’s house. It had been a while since we’d gotten together. We tried to start at 4 PM so that we wouldn’t be up all night, but the Dashiells had a calendar mishap, and so we ended up starting at 6:30. A great time was had by all, and the results were:

  • 1st: Dennis
  • 2nd: Audra
  • 3rd: Pat

Dec 15, 2018

Patrick had a giant chip lead going to the final table, making us all feel small, but it was Cindy and her most excellent poker face who reigned supreme.

  • 1st: Cindy
  • 2nd: Pat
  • 3rd: Sara

Gary made the best beef in the universe, and amazing salmon. The Most Devout Table award went to Table #2 (“Go number two!!”), and fun was had by all.