Whatcom County Poker Tour

Pat Starr WCPT Whatcom County Poker TourJul 10, 2020

COVID Poker Party! It was our first time back together since the pandemic hit. The Dashiells hosted on their beautiful patio, so we had fun in the sun … and into the wee hours of night. Precautions were made to be COVID-safe. Not sure how effective they were, but I found that my mask made a cool head scarf … hence, the creation of the mascarf … pronounced “m’scarf”. Patent pending.

Audra Pat Sara Dale Poker Party July 2020

Cindy and Gary showed up late because they had a sad, personal event to attend. We were glad they dragged their tired, sad butts to the table

  • 1st: Dennis
  • 2nd: Audra
  • 3rd: Dale


Feb 29, 2020

Fremont Mystic Hobbes dogs playing pokerBack at the Clark’s house. It had been a while since we’d gotten together. We tried to start at 4 PM so that we wouldn’t be up all night, but the Dashiells had a calendar mishap, and so we ended up starting at 6:30. A great time was had by all, and the results were:

  • 1st: Dennis
  • 2nd: Audra
  • 3rd: Pat

Dec 15, 2018

Patrick had a giant chip lead going to the final table, making us all feel small, but it was Cindy and her most excellent poker face who reigned supreme.

  • 1st: Cindy
  • 2nd: Pat
  • 3rd: Sara

Gary made the best beef in the universe, and amazing salmon. The Most Devout Table award went to Table #2 (“Go number two!!”), and fun was had by all.


Feb 24, 2018Whatcom County Poker Tour WCPT logo poker chip and cards

Hosted at Pat’s house, with guest appearances by Bob Starr and Lauren Starr. We played into the wee hours with bellies full of Pat’s black bean stir fry. Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed, and fun was had by all.

  • 1st: Audra
  • 2nd: Pat
  • 3rd: Cindy