A Tribute to a Valued Friend

In Memorandum of a Truly Good Man and a Stellar Human Being

Jeff single-handedly got this ginormous Christmas tree inside all by himself.

Jeff single-handedly got this ginormous Christmas tree inside all by himself.

These are a couple of the many poems Jeff Schiller had written. I can’t find my favorite, which was called Two Kids in a Sandbox. I’m sad that I can’t find it. It was wonderful, just like him. I hope you’ll check in on me from heaven now and then, Jeffy.


You are Audra, one of God’s most unique creations! Unlike father, mother, sisters or half brother. There is no mold to be broken. It never existed. You were created to be you! You chose life and its vitality! You choose enlightenment, not ignorance; you choose wonder not fear, strength, not weakness; you choose to explore your spirituality and not hide in a pit. You express the best and stare down fear. You see the good, and diminish the bad. Congratulations, you are AUDRA!!!


There’s a place in my heart

that you will always be,
no matter where you go,
or what you will see.

I will cherish always,
the things we did do,jeff-push-up-kids
the talks, walks, rollerblading,
rides, camping, movies, fern hunting,
culinary experiences, and the
multitude of exciting adventures
to name a few …

You caringly showed the way to joy
when I clung to all of my pain.
Your spirit pumped life back into me
when I thought all that was in vain.

You are such a special friend,
sometimes the tears do flow,
when I think about the coming day
when one of us will go.jeff-piggyback-kids

But, one day I stole a piece of your heart,
and replaced it with my own,
so that no matter where we are
You will never be alone.

It will attend a broken heart,
and comfort a saddened soul.
It will warm you all up inside
when life does take its toll.

Thank you for being there for me,
I’m glad to be there for you too.
Always remember, not just on this day,
Happy Birthday, I Love You!!!


This one was written on our trip home from building a house in TJ. He was sad about leaving the kids.

– It’s Hard to Say I Love You –
It’s hard to say I Love You,
When I have to say goodbye.
Feelings welled up inside of me,
they sure did make me cry.
Memories to last a lifetime,
to ponder when I’m sad,
memories to lift my spirits,
when I’m feeling bad.
– Francisco’s Questions –jeff-car-jump-rides
Momma where did José go?
Can he come out to play?
He really said that he loved us!
Isn’t that enough to stay?
Momma where did José go?
Who do we jump to today?
Didn’t we love him back enough,
to make him not go away?


If anybody reads this, I ask you to consider writing a poem for a loved one’s birthday. Sure, buy them something they want, as well, but don’t buy them something just because you feel like you ought to. If this person has affected your life in a good way, create something from that love and give it to them. The world needs more love and less disposable consumerism.