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Outdoor Exercise Equipment at the Fitness Circuit at the Louisville CO arboretum by the rec centerThis is an unusual outdoor fitness course because of the hydraulic machines and because it’s in an arboretum. Some will like it, some won’t. There are about six groupings of two machines in the arboretum, and each pair of machines is about thirty yards apart. Because the arboretum is relatively small,  instead of simply running from one set of machines to the next, I run a lap around the arboretum Outdoor Exercise Equipment at the Fitness Circuit at the Louisville CO arboretum by the rec centerbetween each equipment station. You can make this run longer by running the outer path circumferencing the adjoining field.

The hydraulic machines look somewhat similar to nautilus equipment you may have seen inside a gym. The hydraulic machines, however, provide tension through the forward and backward motions of whatever the exercise is. For example, when doing the IMG_1986chest press, you push the bars forward against resistance, and pull them back toward you with the same level of resistance. People who don’t adapt well may not like these machines because they feel weird compared to what we’re used to. A plus, though, is that they tend to work opposite muscle groups – biceps one way, triceps the other. There is a tension control knob on each machine, which provides for some individualization.

Personally, I like the arboretum. There are about a hundred different types of trees, and I think the Boy Scouts might have had something to do with that, and I just think it’s neat. IMG_1985This set of machines is designed for handicapped people. It’s a thoughtful addition, but the weights aren’t adjustable, and are pretty weak. Still, it’s nice that someone thought about the handicapped. I sit on the ground to do these pull-downs.


In between the Louisville Recreation Center and the police station on Via Appia

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