The Star Inside Me

Audra Ogilvy and Patrick Starr with a star inside a heartYou are the dance in my step
The music in my heart
You’re my song in the shower
And my smile in the dark.

Don’t ever die
Be a robot with me
I want this feeling to last
An eternity.

But if I do have to pass
At least I have peace
With you in my heart
I feel complete.

Sounds like a line
From a movie we’ve seen
But it’s true
And now I get what they mean.

Shakespeare and Austen
Browning and Shaw
Their stories got nuthin
On Pat and Audra.

You’re the stars in my eyes
The Starr in my heart
Nothing on Earth
Can tear us apart.

But just to be safe
How ’bout we download our brains
And live forever
The cyber way.