Lafayette – Indian Peaks Trail

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Circuit in Lafayette CO This equipment grouping is in a little park without a name. It’s on Indian Peaks Trail, which is a road, not a trail, and is just east of the Indian Peaks Golf Course.

There are a couple of unique pieces here – one is a sort of zip-line thing, and the other is a series of overhead, circular hand-holds that you grab with your right hand, then your left hand, then your right hand, et cetera, while your legs dangle. There is a name for this, but I don’t know what it is. The rest of the equipment is pretty bare-bones, but nice for inventing your own routine. If you want to really get a workout in, you could combineOutdoor Fitness Circuit Equipment in Lafayette Colorado this course with Waneka Lake.


On Indian Peaks Trail in between Sleeping Owl Point and Blackhawk Lane. If you want to drive there, find your way to Indian Peaks Golf Course and then follow Indian Peaks Trail (the road you’re on as you leave the golf course parking lot.) The fourth street on your right will be Sleeping Owl Point and the park is just past there.







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