My Anchor

You don’t know it, my friend

But you are my rock, my anchor

Life has been a bumpy ride

On a latex boat with a hole in it

Doing the best I can in turbulent seas

And sometimes I’ve felt lost

Parents obliged to be there

Vanish into thin air

Consumed by selfish motives, not giving me a care

Family follows suit, with middle fingers in the air

Friends, like butterflies, from place to place

flit and float, whispers on the wind

Men come and men go

They play with my heart, making it swell to the size of the moon, and then they poke it, and it fizzles and shrivels in a helter-skelter beeline to nowhere

And through it all, there’s you

You’re there

A rock. A grounding point. A lighthouse on a turbulent sea.

In a dinghy with a hole in it

In shark-infested waters

My anchor is there for me

When I’m happy or sad, giddy or mad, you’re THERE

When everything in the world swirls and whirls around us, the anchor brings us back to who we are

Thank you, my beautiful friend

In a sea of variables, my constant