Best and Worst Paddleboards 2018

Don't buy from Liquid Shredder - make bad products and have no ethics

Don’t buy from Liquid Shredder

Don’t buy a paddleboard online. It’s too hard to return the board if it’s not made well. The pluses of buying from a brick-and-mortar company outweigh the hassles.

I bought a board from Liquid Shredder ( aka and the grip mat was glued off center almost an inch. And on the water, the board pulls to the right. I didn’t take the board out until I was past my 15 day return window, so when I contacted them, they told me to unglue the mat and glue a new one on, myself. Seeing the pictures I sent, they told me that they had no way of knowing whether the board had been tampered with. Really? People take their grip mats off with heavy duty adhesive-removers because they want to re-glue them on cock-eyed? That’s believable.

Hopefully I can save at least one other person from buying junk online.

You don’t need to spend a lot. I’ve used friends’ boards that were cheap styrofoam, and they worked better than my Liquid Shredder board. More balanced. Higher quality.

Best Paddleboards 2018

ISLE Cruiser

After wasting over $1K on the Liquid Shredder piece of junk, I went out and looked at these boards:

Thurso Surf

Pau Hana

BIC Sport

ISLE Cruiser

I liked them all, and I bought the Isle Cruiser, and am very happy with my purchase.

Live well, be good to people, and enjoy life!