Devil’s Head Lookout

October 2013

Audra and Profit on the Devil's Head Lookout TrailThis is an out and back trail – 1.4 miles to the tower, 1.4 miles back. It’s well maintained, with fairly even elevation gain. Rock climbing is popular here, which is what brought me to the trail.

Not far past the trailhead, we zigged, zagged, and zigged around three switchbacks and then we reached the Zinn Trail junction. The Zinn Trail angles down and to your left, and provides a picturesque view of the fire lookout. It was worth getting sidetracked for.

After scrambling around on some big rocks a while, Profit and I headed back toward the tower. Tall trees provided ample shade, which I loved. A Devil’s Head Audra and Profit on the Devil's Head Lookout TrailLookout excursion can be divided into three parts: hiking, rock climbing, and tower. Once you get to the tower, the shade thins out, and you can start your climb up the looooooong staircase. If it’s a busy weekend day, you may have to wait for people to descend, because only ten people are allowed on the tower at once.

The view from the tower is amazing. The other thing that struck my fancy was the ladybug colonies. The rocks were covered with the helpful, little red beauties.Audra and Profit on the Devil's Head Lookout Trail - Ladybugs!

Getting There:

From Sedalia, take Hwy 67 west almost ten miles. Turn left on Rampart Range Road and drive 8.5 miles to the trailhead.

Leash law?

Yes, your dog is supposed to be kept on a leash.





Elevation change?


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