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Fitness Trail Waneka Lake ColoradoThey were popular in the ’70s. I’m talking about jogging paths with rudimentary fitness equipment along the path. There was a great circuit like this where I grew up in Canada but I was too young to appreciate it. The cool thing about that circuit was all the shade from tall evergreens. Get it? “Cool?” The path was made of comfortable bark mulch, and it was well-maintained. If you happen to be in the southern suburbs of Vancouver, it was at the Sungod Recreation Center at 7815 112th Street in North Delta.

When I moved to Colorado, I did an online search for such trails here, but they were difficult to find, so I told myself one day I’d put a list of the fitness circuits I found on a website. Here it is. If you know of more, please leave a comment 🙂

Nowadays, with cross-fit booming, outdoor exercise circuits are becoming popular again. An alternative to finding one of these trails is to use your imagination on a playground. Be a kid again!

Colorado Outdoor Fitness Circuits

Washington Outdoor Fitness Circuits

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