Don’t Throw Out That Pan!

I own a roasting pan, but I usually buy a cheap aluminum substitute when I cook turkeys and roasts because I don’t want to clean the roasting pan after.

I used to be cynical about the recycling business. I had thought, “We pay recycling companies to take away our goods AND they get paid for selling those goods.” I never used to clean my cans because I figured the recycling company ought to do some work in exchange for all that money they’re making.

But then I took a Master Composter class. It was actually a Master Composter Recycler class, but I didn’t care much about the recycler part. And then we had a guest speaker from a recycling company come and give a lecture. I grew a new appreciation for recycling companies. They don’t make a lot of money. Recycling reduces wastes which produce greenhouse gasses, so recycling has a huge impact on our environment. Recycling companies are similar to social service organizations, almost like non-profit groups. And the most valuable recycled material right now? Aluminum. So please put your aluminum pans and your crumpled balls of aluminum foil in your recycling bins.