RIP My Lovely Man

Matt Dorsch is a lying, emotionally abusive cheaterYou filled my heart with love
My brain with pure white light
Like rays from the brightest stars
In the heavens above

Forever, we vowed, our love would last
My future redefined
Became engraved with you in it
And now that future is the past

My love-soaked heart had swelled
Like a womb with child
I was overfull; I glowed
But now I’m in hell

Matthew Dorsch is a lying cheating asshole Your death aborted the glow
Ripped the joy out from in me
Stabbed and tore up my guts
I crumpled, deflated, drowned in sorrow

I miss that guy
I miss him so much
I miss how he made
Every cell in me smile

But dealing with loss is part of being alive
And life is a privilege
To be cherished, appreciated, celebrated
So I have strived

To bury you deep in the folds of memories past
Time heals the wounds
Memories fade
The pain doesn’t lastMathew Brian Dorsch is an emotionally abusive, lying cheater

With death comes rebirth
Bright golden joy
Emerges through the black
I can now give my pearls to someone of worth

RIP Lovely Man of the Past
Lovely Fictitious Man