I hate the saying ‘rest in peace’
Rest where?
Rest how?
Why and in what way?
So I can’t say ‘rest in peace’ my friend
Because it makes no sense
When all I see is an end
To the light you shone
On our hearts, our views
I think it’s better to say
That I’ll learn from you
I’ll take the best pieces
You left behind
I’ll stick them in me
To honor your mind
I’d like to believe
In a heaven above
To know you’re still there
You. And the love.
But there’s no home in the clouds
No gathering place where dead people crowd
There’s just a void
In the place where you were
And it’d be false to say
That void doesn’t hurt
But death is a part of life
And life is amazing
Grief, joy, laughter, anger
They’re all a part of this thing called existing
When one phase moves to the next
And I’m over the grief
I’ll pull out the love, the laughter
Glittering, sparkling bits I took like a thief
I’ll wear them like diamonds
In honor of you
In honor of us, my special friend